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About the editor

SelfPass was conceived, designed and directed by NumeriCube, a small French company based in Paris.
NumeriCube specializes in innovative solutions, particularly around social networks and their business applications.
One of us, very often travelling by train, was frustrated by having to wait probably another 2 years for the french rails company to publish an application to have its Grand Voyageur card ported to the iPhone. And then another card the next day. And as we are never better served than by yourself...
We don't. SelfPass is a promotional tool for us, to promote our business. This application costs us money. Maybe in the future we will put banners here and there. Or not.
1: have fun.
2: providing useful and simple solutions to the greatest number.
3: elegantly solve complex problems.
4: have fun.
It is a contraction of 'PassBook by mySelf'. We have taken care not to use the mark 'Passbook' registered by Apple.

The cards

Depending on cards, different encoding technologies is used. As of today, we are able to handle the following types of codes: PDF417, QR-Code, AZTEC, EAN, EAN8, EAN13, JAN, UPCA , ISBN, ISBN10, ISBN13, ISSN, Code39, Code128 and PZN
Yes. Wallet technology offered by Apple only allows two dimensions barcodes, the most known being QR-Code. We have developed a technology to provide users with one dimension code, very prevalent in loyalty cards.
The service is only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch running iOS 6.


No. We have no business relationship with brands. We do not collect information for them. This is the great strength of our service: we are 100% independent.
The cards generated by SelfPass can not track loyalty points. It is a willingness on our part to keep it simple and especially not to connect with brands.


Nothing. Nothing but generate the pass when you ask us. We do not store nor resell nor reuse the information. We do not even store it on any server, database nor file. In short, we respect your privacy.
To avoid re-enter some data (your first and last name for example), we use cookies supported by your browser. Cookies interest is precisely that they remain on your computer and that we do not need to keep this information in our servers.

And technically, how does it work?

We use technology that we know very well: Python, Django, Ubuntu, nginx, memcache, supervisord, gunicorn. To have fun.
We live in the clouds. Those in Amazon in this case. Platform we use, AWS EC2, gives us great flexibility and reliability.
Yes. For example, card Grand Voyageur asked a nice job of analysis prior to reproducing the barcode ...


None. We do this exercise to be nice and secondarily to gain a little notoriety. And for free.
So although we have made every effort to do good work, it is possible that the service will default on a particular point, that a particular card does not work or even worse.